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The overall vision for this collaborative is to establish more strategic sector-wide collaboration spanning the global to the local level and inclusive of a wide range of stakeholders. Join this community of organisations and actors engaged in child protection and care reform to leverage and build on one another’s work, agree on common principles and approaches, secure greater and more sustainable impact, contribute to a shared learning agenda and undertake joint advocacy. 

About the Collaborative


Building on joint efforts advocating for the 2019 UNGA Resolution and the Key Recommendations, and clear interest expressed by a broad group of actors to strengthen sectoral cooperation and collaboration, Better Care Network has established a new Global Collaborative on Transforming Children’s Care.

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Webinar Series

This webinar series, by and for members of Transforming Children's Care, brings together experts from our community to discuss a range of relevant topics identified by members as priorities for learning and exchange. View recordings of previous webinars and information about upcoming ones at the link below.